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Fast Track your Launch with my Kajabi Kickstarter VIP Day

The Kajabi Kickstarter has been designed to get you results (whether that's building your course or creating a high converting sales funnel) in only one day.

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Does this sound like you?


"I'm wasting too much time on the tech when all I want to do is launch....and please don't make me watch another You Tube video on what to do in Kajabi!" 

It's now time to ditch the overwhelm (and those endless training videos) and take action!

This where I come in! Book me for a day and I'll take your copy, ideas and vision and bring them to life whether that's getting your course built so it's ready to launch or those odds and ends that you've just never got round to completing in Kajabi.

Finally say goodbye to those long drawn out timelines and endless back and forth and hello to one-day results with a Kajabi Kickstarter VIP Day!

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Here are a couple of examples of what can be done in a day

Course Build


Ready to bring your online course or memberhip to life?

No need to worry about all the tech. Let me build your course in Kajabi so it's easy to navigate, fully optimised, delivers results and is ready to sell.

All you need to concentrate on is launching!

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Sales Funnel


Ready to sell that course or membership?

Let me help you convert potential leads into lifelong customers by creating a fully customised sales page and automated sales funnel that will increase your visibility and move clients through the customer journey towards those all important sales.

Beautifully designed and guaranteed to make an impression!

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It's important to note that when you schedule a VIP Day, you are booking me for the DAY not a set of deliverables.

I'll give you my best estimate of how long the work will take based on my experience. However, factors such as the amount of content, number of revisions and completeness of the pre-work will all impact on how much can be accomplished in a day.

Some examples of my work

*Please note that these are project examples but is typically what can be done in a day

Kajabi Kickstarter VIP Day

What's Included?

  • Pre-work Questionnaire
  • A 45 minute Kick Off Call¬†prior to the VIP day¬†
  • Access to training materials on client portal
  • A full day dedicated to your project
  • 30 days of follow up support

The Investment £797 Beta Offer

Book Your VIP Day!

How Does a VIP Day Work?

1. Book Your Day

Click on the calendar below to book your day and secure your date with a 50% deposit.

You will need to be virtually "available" during your VIP day. 

2. Complete Pre Work

You will then receive a welcome email with the all important pre-work ahead of the VIP day alongside a link to schedule your Kick off Call

This call will take place a few days before the VIP Day to ensure I have everything I need on the day.

3. VIP Day

During the day itself, you will have my full attention and expertise as I work on your project.

We'll communicate via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and I'll need you to be available for questions to give your feedback.

4. Follow Up Support

I'll be available to you for 30 days via email so you can reach out if you need any additional support.

If you decide there is additional work you want completed you can book me for an additional full or half day.

Not sure if you're ready for a VIP Day?     

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